export and email - Dialog


I just installed the new version (0.2.1) of f-spot. I am happy about the
ne email-export function. But I think the Dialogs should be friendlier.
I would try to create a patch by myself, but I can't write something in
c#. (I spend my time reading the gtk-tutorial).

-The export-Dialogs (to CD, to Web, to ...) all uses a preview for the
pictures. Why don't use this preview for the email-export?

-In the preview, you can choose the pictures, but you can nothing do
with them. Why allow choosing them?

-It would be nice to see an Icon at the Dialogs, which discribe it. Like
a CD at CD-export, a Directory-Icon at Directory-export, etc. And for
email-export a mail-icon, or the icon of the email-app.

It would be nice some of you support this ideas an create a patch for


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