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On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 11:55 +0200, Paul Wellner Bou wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought a little bit about the tagging UI in f-spot. I'm not really 
> happy with the existing one. Well, tags or categories or however you 
> call it are the most important feature for me for collecting and 
> organizing stuff. Bookmarks, text, links, photos, whatever. This is 
> because I love f-spot so much to manage my photos. Its just great, I think.
> The problem with adding, removing and creating tags in f-spot for me is 
> that it needs time. I'm not talking about the time f-spot is hanging 
> while writing the data to the images or into the database. I have a 
> (not-very-small) list of tags and each time I have to search a specific 
> tag with the f-spot UI. I miss a way to add tags using the keyboard 
> only. Just having a text field where I can write the tag(s) in without 
> having to open this huge tag list.

I think if you press Ctrl+T you get this exact feature. Although, it
seems we might wanna make the user more aware of said feature.
> I tried flickr now and I have an account there now since a few days ago. 
> I love the tagging in flickr. Its just great. Simple, quick, not 
> complicated. It would be so great to have a much simpler ui in f-spot 
> for tagging pictures.
> Are you able to manage your tags quickliy with the f-spot ui? Am I doing 
> something wrong? Do I miss a feature which is yet there and/or do I have 
> too much tags?
> I saw a mail or a patch for smaller tag icons but I did not find it 
> right now. Is there a plan to include it? Is there a plan to include an 
> option to disable tag icons at all?
> I would appreciate your opinions and tips on managing and handling with 
> tags in f-spot. With my growing tag list (~50) I am not able to manage 
> them efficiently any more.
> Thank you and Regards
> Paul.
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