Re: Duplicate Tags

On 29/10/06, Philip Jones <philip_plisgyn yahoo co uk> wrote:
I have 6 DVD's of photos that I wish to use f-spot to catalogue but I have
not enough space on
my laptops disk to store them.  If I catalogue say 2 DVD's and dont store
the photos on my hard
disk when I click on a thumbnail  I just get a question mark  i.e if the
correct DVD is not
mounted f-spot cant find the photo.  As you can see this is a problem as I
could have to try 6
DVD's one at a time to find a particular photo.  I tried to get round this
by creating tags  as follows --

 Photo-DVD1                     Photo-DVD2              Photo-DVD3
      Places                                 Places

But now I hit the problem of duplicate tags,  and ideas on how to get over
this problem would be

                                                             Phil jones

It was exacly for reasons like this that I suggested multiple Library
support in F-Spot. See bug #352669:

Dotan Cohen

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