Re: Moving album

Bengt Thuree wrote:
On Sö, 2006-10-15, 11:05, Dennis Drescher skrev:

I have been using F-Spot for over a year now and really enjoy it. It has
worked great for me. Now I need to move my album of over 14,000 pictures
to a new machine. Actually its an identical machine. I'm moving from a
Dell Latitude D610 running Ubuntu 6.06 to another one just like it.

So far I have made an identical copy of all the pictures and moved them
to the other machine. I found the .gnome2/f-spot/photos.db file and
copied that over as well. When I start up F-Spot I get the right photo
DB and all my tags are there. There are also placeholders for all the
pictures but no pictures. Obviously, I've not moved everything over but
I don't know what it missing. Can someone point me the missing file(s)
in need to make this migration complete. Thanks.

The photos needs to be stored on exactly the same path( for instance
/home/dennis/Photos/2005/5/photo1.jpg ) on both computers.

If not, then you need to either
1) Manually modify the photos.db file with sqlite
2) ensure all the tags are embedded within the photos, and re-import the
photos to a 0.2.2 (perhaps 0.2.1 was ok) version of F-Spot. You will loose
the tag hierarchy, but the tags should be there. You will also currently
loose the photo description unfortunately.

Seriously, isn't it possible for F-Spot to store relative paths of the pictures? I wouldn't dare making F-Spot my primary photo organizing solution if it's this hard to move between hardware, something I do approx. once every year.

/ David

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