How will F-Spot recreate the tag database from photos?

On To, 2006-05-18, 17:15, Stephane Delcroix skrev:

> The name of the tag is declared 'UNIQUE' in the database. Previously, I
> found that a bit annoying, while tagging things like
> Events > 2005 > My Birthday
> Events > 2006 > My Birthday
> But since the tags name should be unique in the db, and as f-spot is
> doing some checks when creating new tags to ensure it, we can always
> find where a tags belongs.

So again, how do you do with a person called Paris, and the capital of
France, Paris.
As well as Person Bengt, and Copyright Bengt

And more importantly. If you have tagged 10,000 photos, and put about 5
tags per photo as average. Then you have a problem, and you loose your
photos.db. But you are happy since you still have the photos, and since
F-Spot wrote the tag information as XMP, F-Spot should be able to recreate
all the various tags (and its hierarchy) rather easily.
How will this work???

> And for new tags, just create them in top or in a 'recently imported'
> category...

That should work fine, and I think Warren is working on this.

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