Re: Import Patch and Iview tags...

> Although I think perhaps there is one very like it. I added a small
> comment to your bug.
just responded to it

> I was thinking more of only Ivew tags.
> I do not know how they will read and re-create the F-Spot tags from a
> photo's XMP tags actually. Especially since a tag can be nested quite
> deeply.
> Persons -> Sweden -> Relatives -> Brother -> Name
The name of the tag is declared 'UNIQUE' in the database. Previously, I
found that a bit annoying, while tagging things like
Events > 2005 > My Birthday
Events > 2006 > My Birthday

But since the tags name should be unique in the db, and as f-spot is
doing some checks when creating new tags to ensure it, we can always
find where a tags belongs.

And for new tags, just create them in top or in a 'recently imported'

Or am I wrong in this ?

> p.s.
> Perhaps you can reply to the list, since I subscribe to it, and its good
> for the archive as well.




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