Re: Rubens WorkerThread + Database threading

On Tue, 2006-05-16 at 18:28 +0900, Bengt Thuree wrote:
> Hi
> Just read some bugs in bugzilla, and run into Rubens patch. After reading
> that one i had some questions I thought perhaps I should ask the list.
> Here goes.
> Bug #337724 (Rubens WorkerThread + Database threading) indicates a
> possibility to automatically sync between F-Spot and Flickr.

It's a future plan of mine, thinking of doing it in a very distant
future. What that patch basically provides is some of the needed
infrastructure to make syncs possible.

> Do F-Spot store a tag or something for the pictures that have been
> exported to Flickr?

Not yet currently.

> How about to Gallery and the other web galleries that F-Spot will support?
> Perhaps a Main (invisible?) tag : Web Gallery, with some subtags Flickr,
> Gallery etc.
> What if I have two different Flickr accounts?

Here's what I was thinking of (and what I have some very premature code
for): as tags, versions etc, we add another store to the PhotoStore: an
exports store, which remembers where the picture has been exported. This
could be a gallery user account or a flickr user account + photo id pair
etc. All very general so it could also be used to remember on which DVD
a picture was backed up.

That would be phase 2: Every export is remembered.

Phase 3 is where the real fun happens: whenever a picture is edited in
f-spot, all (suitable) exports are contacted and updated (if desired).

Phase 4 is why we need the workerthread (besides doing things more
asynchronously and having a much cleaner DB API): We add a background
thread which will periodically query flickr / gallery / ... and pull
back changes from the web.

Once we get there, f-spot will no longer be some desktop
photo-management tool, but rather a tool to manage your images anywhere.

I hope this clarifies some of my vague ramblings. It should also be
noted, that until July, I have almost no time to work on this (with
exams coming up). I do plan on working on this during summer, unless
there's a general opposition against having this in f-spot.

Kind regards, 

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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