Problems building f-spot (gtk-sharp)

Hi all,

Not sure if I should be asking this here or on the mono lists...   I'm trying to build f-spot from source, since the binary included with ubuntu seems quite old, but I'm running into trouble with gtk-sharp.

I've grabbed the version from svn, but when configuring it, it dies with:
checking for MONO_CAIRO... configure: error: You need to install Mono.Cairo.dll and its pkgconfig file or set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to find it.

As far as I can tell, Mono.Cairo is part of the base mono package.  The f-spot 'Building' page says that any version of mono after 0.28 will do, but you need the  svn version of gtk-sharp...   Does this message mean that the svn version of gtk-sharp will only work with the svn version of  mono?  I've currently got the most recent version of mono available through ubuntu:  1.1.8

Does anyone know what version of mono is required to get the svn version of gtk-sharp to work?   I'm not usually into running bleeding edge stuff unless I have to - is it enough to build mono 1.1.13 - or do I need the svn version?

It'd be useful if this info was on the 'Building' page...



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