Re: Problem running on ubuntu dapper

On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 04:40 -0600, James Carroll wrote:
> On 6/11/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
>         Have you done the "make install" ?
> Yes. But I wasn't sure from which directory to run it.  From your
> directions, I don't think it's clear if I should be in 
> ~/development/f-spot/f-spot/src 
> or
> ~/development/f-spot/f-spot/
Ok, I updated the instructions a bit.
You should do the "make all", "make install", or "make all install" from
the f-spot directory. Not the src directory.
> Either way, I ran it in both (I assume the Makefile in the parent
> directory calls the Makefile in the subdirectory) and I still get the
> same error.  Do I need to run it as root (with sudo)? 
No need to run it as root (sudo), since you specified a target directory
which is writable by your user.
>         F-Spot will look for some libraries in
>         the /home/james/unstable/f-spot 
>         directory even if you run the uninstalled version.
> What is the "uninstalled version"?  To me, it seems impossible to run
> a program that's not installed on your computer.  Is this a common
> term when working with projects under development, in which you might
> have one version "installed" and other versions in various
> directories, that aren't "installed"? 
F-Spot can be run after you have done a "make all", by changing
directory to src, and then give the command "./f-spot --uninstalled"
But it will need some library files which it tries to find from the
installation directory, so you will have to have done at least one "make

My target directory's lib files are the following:
>  ls /opt/unstable/f-spot/lib/f-spot/
> FlickrNet.dll      libgphoto2-sharp.dll
> f-spot.exe  libgphoto2-sharp.dll.config
> f-spot.exe.config                SemWeb.dll
> libfspot.a         libfspotjpegtran.a
> libfspoteog.a

Can you perhaps send the console commands and output when you try and
run the CVS version? (including how you start f-spot)


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