Re: Problem running on ubuntu dapper

On 6/11/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com > wrote:
Have you done the "make install" ?

Yes. But I wasn't sure from which directory to run it.  From your directions, I don't think it's clear if I should be in

Either way, I ran it in both (I assume the Makefile in the parent directory calls the Makefile in the subdirectory) and I still get the same error.  Do I need to run it as root (with sudo)?

F-Spot will look for some libraries in the /home/james/unstable/f-spot
directory even if you run the uninstalled version.

What is the "uninstalled version"?  To me, it seems impossible to run a program that's not installed on your computer.  Is this a common term when working with projects under development, in which you might have one version "installed" and other versions in various directories, that aren't "installed"?


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