Photo rating and XMP

Hi all,

I was looking at the data imported by the latest XMP patch from Bengt
[1] and was wondering how it could help with the photo rating feature

From the discussion in bug [2], I understand some application use the
Urgency field [3] - which is already fetched by the XMP patch in
XmpTagsMetadata.cs, although not used in XmpTagsImporter.cs.

There is a dedicated property in the XMP Basic Schema for ratings [4].
I was playing with Lightroom Beta 3 and it uses this property... I
expect all software coming from Adobe to use the same.

Should we start a list of known software and what they use in order to
choose the best solution?  What do you think?

Something like:

Application      Property/tag used      Range     Unrated value
Reject value
Lightroom        Rating                      1-5          no value
        not supported

I was looking at Aperture's documentation, they have unrated + reject
+ 1-5.  I can't find what they are using, although Rating is not
listed in their list of metadata tags supported.

If you can try other apps, please do so :-).  If you think this can
help, I can add the table and maintain it somewhere on the wiki.




From the 2005-06 XMP specification:

[3] (integer, valid range is 1-8)
[4] (closed choice of integer,
values are user-defined within an application defined range)

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