Trouble compiling CVS HEAD

Hi all

I'm having trouble compiling the current CVS.
It compiled fine few days ago but now it just freezes trying to
compile libgphoto2-sharp.
I tried make clean and checking out a fresh copy but to no avail.

I'm on current Ubuntu Breezy with apt-get build-dep f-spot and no
special repositories.

Do you guys have any idea what could be the problem?

Here are the last lines from make, it just stops here and hangs:

>Making all in libgphoto2-sharp
>make[2]: Entering directory `/home/gsm/cvs/f-spot/libgphoto2-sharp'
>mcs --unsafe -g -o libgphoto2-sharp.dll /target:library
./AssemblyInfo.cs ./Camera.cs
> ./CameraAbilitiesList.cs ./CameraFile.cs ./CameraFilesystem.cs ./CameraList.cs >./CameraWidget.cs ./Context.cs ./ErrorCodes.cs ./Object.cs ./Port.cs ./PortInfo.cs
> ./PortInfoList.cs
> warning CS8029: Compatibility: Use -unsafe instead of --unsafe
> warning CS8029: Compatibility: Use -debug option instead of -g or --debug
> warning CS8029: Compatibility: Use -out:FILE instead of --output FILE or -o FILE

Gunnar Steinn

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