Re: F-Spot from CVS not autogen'ing

On 19/12/06, Stephane Delcroix <stephane delcroix org> wrote:
This time, I'll learn you how to fish...

there's a nice tool in debian/ubuntu called apt-file.

install it like this:

apt-get install apt-file

then, update its database, by running, as root

apt-file update

then, when youre looking for a file called afile, you can find in which
package it belongs by running

apt-file search afile

So, the Syste.Runtime.Remoting.dll file is in the package

btw, there's an almost up-to-date page in the f-spot wiki on how to
install CVS or released version, focused on ubuntu...



Thanks, Stephane, that's what I really wanted to know: how to stand on
my own two feet. I hope that I won't need to make any more noise on
the list, I'm a little embarrassed so far. As usual, thank you for the

Dotan Cohen

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