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In a similar vein, is there a move to allow for use of other programs using F-spot as the mediator of workflow?  I have just started using F-spot and love it, I would like to be be able to go through my library and use it for cataloging, uploading etc.  But there are times when I will want to do more concise raw conversion and/or editing of specific images, it would be great to have a mechanism to do so (if it doesnt already exist) while keeping some type of revision control within F-spot.  Specifically I am using and/or investigaing (depending on what looks best):

Raw Conversion:
ufraw ( )
Bibble ( )
Rawstudio ( )
Raw Therapee  ( )

Pixel Image Editor ( )

Matt Henley

On 12/6/06, Alex Valentine < alex phataudio org> wrote:
Before I ask a few questions, let me applaud the developers of f-spot on
a great product, I've used quite a few image management tools in the
past(iPhoto, Pshop album), and F-spot is by far my favorite.

I recently purchased a digital SLR (Nikon D80) and started shooting in
RAW, but I noticed that any upload tool craps out, because most tools
like flickr and such do not support RAW. Is there any way to convert to
JPEG for export from within f-spot or perhaps a built-in conversion when
using RAW with an export tool that does not support it?

Are there any plans to do RAW workflow with F-spot, or is that
considered to be out of scope?



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