Re: About the Monday's meetings...

On 04/12/06, Warren Baird <photogeekmtl gmail com> wrote:
Ben Monnahan wrote:
> Stephane,
> Good job trying to get everyone back on track.  I think we all thought
> the meetings were a good thing.  (Except maybe Larry who had to review
> and commit all the stuff and couldn't work on his stuff :) )

I also thought the meetings were good --- I wasn't able to attend the
last couple due to work or travel getting in the way, but I'd like to
see them come back - even if only once a month.

I agree that some of the goals that were set were perhaps a bit
aggressive - but I still think that the concept is good, and can help
move f-spot forward more quickly.

I must admit that I'm at that awkward point where f-spot is 'usable
enough' for my purposes, so lately I've been spending my spare time
using it instead of working on it...


While it certainly is "usable enough" there are still some basic
things that must be added or improved, such as the delete key moving
pictures to the Gnome trashcan instead of removing the files from the
F-Spot database (orphaned photos). I've pretty much stopped using
F-Spot (and I'm not using anything else- that means that I'm not
adding any new photos to my database) until this is fixed, as I've got
hundreds of orphaned photos taking up space and I can't afford any

I have found a work-around to remove the orphaned photos, but I will
then lose my tag hierarchy. So I'm stuck.

Dotan Cohen

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