Re: Album Support

I think you may have misunderstood (or i didnt explain properly)

If an album is supplied during import AND the user selects to "Move
photos to photo directory" AND we allow photos to be organised by
album on disk then the photos will be copied to the photos directory
in a new folder named after the supplied album. In addition these
photos will be "tagged" with the new album tag.

Compare this with the current behavior where if the user selects "copy
photos" then photos are copied and arraged by date.

I have a few direct objections to your suggestion here.

1) An image can be in multiple albums. With printed images you can
print it multiple times. On a computer you shouldn't need to have
multiple copies of an image in order to have it in several places.
(IIRC even Gallery have fixed this now in their online gallery.)

I am proposing that albums are just like tags, i.e. a photo can belong
to many albums just like it may have many tags.

2) The image shouldn't be moved to an album folder. Personally I think
it's "rude" of programs to move my files around. If the images are
moved so that the presentation in eg IconView should work better than
that means that IconView is broken, not that the images are in the
wrong directory. So IconView should be able to sort not only by date
and folder but also by import roll and album.

See top. The album setting will not override the "Move photos to photo
directory" setting.

3) One of the complaints I've heard of eg iPhoto is that it treats
Albums like something completely different from other items. (IIRC
they have "labels" (tags), "rolls" (import rolls), "albums" (alums)
and something else. All of these have different UIs and it can really
confuse things for the user. Personally I rarely use the "label" (tag)
feature in Picasa because it disrupts my organization too much. It
just gets in the way.

Yes I am trying to avoid the iphoto way where the sidbar becomes
crowded and filled with similar looking things which all act

Ideally it should be handled with something like a MVC (model view
controller) pattern. So basically you have a way to just look at a raw
dump of all the information (which is pretty much what IconView does
now) or you can select to look at it sorted and presented in slightly
different fasions.

Eg in the other thread I made a comment that it should be easy to
upload an Album to a website (Picasaweb or Flicker eg). However the
user shouldn't be required to make an album just to upload files.

Correct. Perhaps metadata may be attached to albums, or this may be
implemented with some kind of photo tray like picasa.


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