IPTC and XMP from iViewMedia Pro

Hi Guys

I played around with iView Media Pro today, and put some text in all
possible fields they supported. Wrote it back to the picture, and
checked the result.

The below is a plain "strings <photo> | more" printout.

There is a lot of tags that f-spot do not handle today.
Scenes and Event should be similar to the Album concept I would think.
Copyright, Creator, Urgency and Rating is not handled at all.

I will add the People tag to Keywords in my patch.

For the rest, I will prepare my patch for them, but f-spot will not
handle the result though.


<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/" x:xmptk="Public XMP Toolkit Core
   <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#";>
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
         <photoshop:Source>NIKON D100 </photoshop:Source>
               <rdf:li>Categories Wife</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Categories Girls</rdf:li>
         <photoshop:Category>Category Bengt</photoshop:Category>
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
               <rdf:li>Creator First Name and Last Name</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Keywords Party</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Keywords Summer</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Keywords Beach</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">
               <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Title</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Copyright Notice</rdf:li>
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
               <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Rights Usage Terms</rdf:li>
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""

         <Iptc4xmpCore:IntellectualGenre>Ind. Genre
         <Iptc4xmpCore:CreatorContactInfo rdf:parseType="Resource">
Address1&#xD;&#xA;Creators Address2</Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrExtadr>
            <Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrPcode>Creators postal
            <Iptc4xmpCore:CiUrlWork>Creators Web
               <rdf:li>Subject Codes Bengt</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Scenes Wedding</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>Scenes Beach</rdf:li>
      <rdf:Description rdf:about=""

         <mediapro:Event>Event Jade</mediapro:Event>
               <rdf:li>People Bengt</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>People Jade</rdf:li>
               <rdf:li>People Jasmine</rdf:li>

As a sidenote, f-spot interprets the IPTC data as follows:
read IPTCNAA - 
1:0 - ModelVersion IPTC Information Interchange Model (IIM) Version
1:90 - CodedCharacterSet The character set designation
2:0 - RecordVersion Number identifying the IIM version this application
record uses
2:5 - ObjectName Object name
2:7 - EditStatus Status of the objectdata according to the provider
2:12 - SubjectReference Unknown IIM DataSet
2:15 - Category Unknown IIM DataSet
2:20 - SupplementalCategory Unknown IIM DataSet
2:20 - SupplementalCategory Unknown IIM DataSet
2:25 - Keywords Unknown IIM DataSet
2:25 - Keywords Unknown IIM DataSet
2:25 - Keywords Unknown IIM DataSet
2:38 - ExpirationTime Unknown IIM DataSet
2:40 - SpecialInstructions Instructions from the creator to the receiver
not covered by other fields
2:55 - DateCreated Unknown IIM DataSet
2:80 - ByLine Creator of the content
2:85 - ByLineTitle The title of the author or creator
2:90 - City Name of the city the content is focussing on
2:95 - ProvinceState Unknown IIM DataSet
2:101 - PrimaryLocationName Full name of the country of the focus of the
2:103 - OriginalTransmissionReference Unknown IIM DataSet
2:105 - Headline Headline of the content
2:110 - Credit Unknown IIM DataSet
2:115 - Source Unknown IIM DataSet
2:116 - CopyrightNotice Copyright information for
2:120 - CaptionAbstract Unknown IIM DataSet
2:122 - WriterEditor The person involved in writing, editing or
correcting the object data or caption/abstract
2:22 - FixtureIdentifier Unknown IIM DataSet
2:118 - Contact Unknown IIM DataSet
2:118 - Contact Unknown IIM DataSet
2:118 - Contact Unknown IIM DataSet
2:92 - Sublocation Unknown IIM DataSet
2:208 - 720 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:209 - 721 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:210 - 722 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:211 - 723 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:212 - 724 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:213 - 725 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:214 - 726 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:215 - 727 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:224 - 736 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:224 - 736 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:225 - 737 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:226 - 738 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:227 - 739 Unknown IIM DataSet
2:10 - Urgency Unknown IIM DataSet
2:242 - 754 Unknown IIM DataSet
System.Exception: Invalid tag marker found 0 != 1c with 0 bytes
remaining 1
  at FSpot.Iptc.DataSet.Load (System.IO.Stream stream) [0x00000] 
  at FSpot.Iptc.IptcFile.Load (System.IO.Stream stream) [0x00000] 
0:0 - 0 Unknown IIM DataSet

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