Re: Patch Review please : 321770 - Import Roll History

2 useful pointers about stacking picture together: gnome org/msg00749.html

Yes, this is something I want...

> My main point with this fix is that it seems to me that adding the
> "import time" to each photo and then using that to sort would be a
> simpler and more elegant solution than adding a new table to the
> database.
A third pointer: and it could be great
to have a thing like this in f-spot. Or added in the metadata, or ...

But again, my main opinion is that there's no strong relation between
the roll and the content of the roll, although you're free to add that
relation by :
- never shoot anything that won't fit in a roll
- import whenever your event is done

Perhaps easiest to add  the import time permanently to the photo as in 342482
And the Last 20 Import Rolls could be configurable to show only the latest X rolls ...
But this means adding an new field to Photos, and one extra table.


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