Re: Import patch

On Fr, 2006-04-21, 11:45, Warren Baird skrev:
> Bengt Thuree wrote:
>> What happens if you have both managed to take some photos of "Paris" (as
>> in Hilton), as well as of your wife in Paris.
>> Would it be possible to distinguise between the city/location etc Paris
>> from the Person (I guess keyword) Paris
> Well - this seems to currently be a limitation of f-spot in general -
> you can't have two tags with the same name - it'd also break the current
> quick-tag mechanism...   If you just typed "Paris", which tag would it
> take?

That would be a tricky question I guess... :)
But when we import the tags, perhaps f-spot could create the top-tag
(Location) and put Locations under it, and same for City, Country,
Keywords etc.
Or according to another pre-defined scheme that suits everyone.

Putting the tags directly under root seems a bit tricky.

In that case, perhaps create a new tag called IMPORTED_TAGS or something,
and put the structure under this one.
  Location     (header)
    Home       (tag)
  City         (header)
    New York   (tag)
    Tokyo      (tag)

Also, the Headline tag was not imported and set to the Comment field.

Then again, I am not sure of what your restrictions are on this patch.
Looks good so far, we seem to be much closer to actually importing the
tags now :) Superb :)


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