Re: Updated patch for Detecting Duplicates in F-Spot

Hey Alvaro,

	That looks really slick, but the flow seems a little awkward.  While
it's nice that it only bothers the user if it detects duplicate images,
the dialog seems annoying.  Also, the status area is confusing.  (image
4 of 4, but only 2 images appear!)  Check out how Picasa does it:

The duplicate section is a checkbox.  All images are previewed, and the
duplicates are automatically rejected when the checkbox is checked.  

Maybe a similar checkbox could be used here?  It might only be sensitive
if duplicates are detected.  Checking the box would hide the images
which won't get imported.  And the status area could be updated as well.
(Maybe "image 4 of 4 (2 duplicates)")

On Sat, 2005-09-03 at 12:54 +0200, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I have reworked the patch for detecting duplicates in importing and also
> with the photos that are already imported. It is for the actual CVS. I
> have it working in my F-Spot subversion repository.
> Larry, could you take a look in order to add it to the official F-Spot
> code?
> I have left in the code some traces in order you can see the extra time
> it is needed in importing in order to create the MD5 signatures for the
> images (around 10%). If the patch is ok, I will clean all the messages
> before applying it.
> Just as a reminder, you can see the feature working in the video:
> Cheers
> -- Alvaro
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