Re: Renaming Photos

This one time, at band camp, derek vandivere net wrote:
>To set the photo's caption, you can go into edit mode by double clicking
>the thumbnail. The text field below the image is the caption - I think
>that at least for the Gallery (v1) export, the caption is copied over when
>you export.

Isn't the caption the same as the description?  I mean, when I used the
flickr export, the caption in f-spot ended up as the photo description in

Flickr has two text fields for each photo: the title and the description.
Currently when f-spot exports to flickr, it uses the photo filename as the
title, which looks ugly as the OP mentioned, because they're all
imgpXXXX.jpg or dscrxxxx.jpg.

I'm not a fan of having my photos renamed on disk, though; I like the
filenames to stay as they are.  I'd just like to be able to give each one a
short title as well as, or instead of, a caption.

Then again, if writing too much about my photos sounds absurd, maybe the
easy fix is to just upload the photos without a title :)

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