Re: some usability enhancements

On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 17:17 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> And also display already chosen tags

Yes.  The existing checkbox kind of arrangement used elsewhere in f-spot
is just fine.

> >      3. Importing from a camera needs a "Delete from camera after import
> >         option.
> It's not a safe option ;)

Neither is walking across the street, but we can take some care and do
is successfully.  Other camera import software does not seem to see this
as an issue and provides a "delete after import" function.

As it is currently I need two pieces of software which have some
overlapping functionality.  gtkam (for example) and f-spot.  The latter
does allow me to import but I need to then open the former simply to
delete the images from the camera?  That is just silliness.

> >      9. Export recipes.  I should be able to define modifications I want
> >         made to a picture when exporting to a particular target.  For
> >         example, I select a dozen photos and then select export for Web.
> >         But I have previously defined that for Web export I want to
> >         shrink all photos down in size and reduce their jpg quality.
> >         Maybe I even want to export a photo in several versions.  A
> >         thumbnail, one at screen display size and quality and one at
> >         photo printing (i.e. large and high) quality.
> So, these would be presets, right? ;)

Yeah, I define them once.  Even better would be to allow the addition of
new exports and recipes.  But that can come later.  :-)


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Brian J. Murrell

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