Re: some usability enhancements

On 12/21/05, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

>      2. During any kind of import, the dialog that comes up when you
>         choose "Select Tags..." should also allow one to create new tags
>         and choose to use those.

And also display already chosen tags

>      3. Importing from a camera needs a "Delete from camera after import
>         option.

It's not a safe option ;)

>      7. Related to 6, it would be nice to be able to add more than one
>         tags to a photo in a single operation.

Already covered by Nat's patch. Btw, why isn't it in CVS yet?

>      9. Export recipes.  I should be able to define modifications I want
>         made to a picture when exporting to a particular target.  For
>         example, I select a dozen photos and then select export for Web.
>         But I have previously defined that for Web export I want to
>         shrink all photos down in size and reduce their jpg quality.
>         Maybe I even want to export a photo in several versions.  A
>         thumbnail, one at screen display size and quality and one at
>         photo printing (i.e. large and high) quality.

So, these would be presets, right? ;)


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