some usability enhancements

Just using f-spot here and I have discovered a few things that would
make it easier to use:

     1. Import photos mode from the command line like gthumb
        --import-photos does, so that one can use f-spot with
        gnome-volume-manager to import photos from a camera without
        having to choose File->Import from Camera specifically once
        g-v-m has started f-spot.  Implied in this option is of course
        if an f-spot instance is already running, "f-spot
        --import-photos-from-camera" should just initiate the currently
        running one to do the camera import.
     2. During any kind of import, the dialog that comes up when you
        choose "Select Tags..." should also allow one to create new tags
        and choose to use those.
     3. Importing from a camera needs a "Delete from camera after import
     4. A way to associate a new photo/icon with a Tag.  And when a
        tag's photo/icon is changed, update the thumbnails.
     5. A preference to set the path where your photo catalog is.
     6. When importing photos already on disk, it would be nice to be
        able to select more than one tag.
     7. Related to 6, it would be nice to be able to add more than one
        tags to a photo in a single operation.
     8. The ability to set ownership (user and group) and permissions of
        imported photos and adjust them afterwards.
     9. Export recipes.  I should be able to define modifications I want
        made to a picture when exporting to a particular target.  For
        example, I select a dozen photos and then select export for Web.
        But I have previously defined that for Web export I want to
        shrink all photos down in size and reduce their jpg quality.
        Maybe I even want to export a photo in several versions.  A
        thumbnail, one at screen display size and quality and one at
        photo printing (i.e. large and high) quality.

Additionally, there seems to be a bug, in that f-spot seems to keep the
camera locked even after the importing is done.

I know, what a list!  :-)


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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