Re: Invalid size of entry - For titel!

The main reason is that for the raw file decoding f-spot does I can
already parse tiff files directly and exif data is just a tiff file
without any image data in ifd0 stuffed inside a jpeg segment.
Additionally libexif would need fairly large changes to turn into an
arbitrary tiff loader, so the desire to just avoid having two ways to do
something it is strong

On top of that it has been a source of a lot of trouble in packaging,
and a source of a lot of different hard to track down bugs.  The libexif
developers have been working hard to make things better, and doing a
great job of it, but even with that it will end up simplifying things in
f-spot if I can get to the point of being able to remove it.  It isn't
something I'd do lightly and part of the reason it is still there is my
desire to avoid trying to solve all the hard write problems that come


On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 10:07 -0500, John Russell wrote:
> On 12/18/05, Larry Ewing <lewing novell com> wrote:
> > Sounds like libexif if complaining an returning that text as the result.
> > I really need to stop using libexif and switch to the code in f-spot but
> > I have to finish the write support.
> Just out of curiosity, how come you are ditching libexif?
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