Re: tags and versions

On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 19:05 -0500, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> This would be the "save tags in the image (if supported by the image
> format)" feature that I saw something of then?  This might be all I need
> to satisfy my desire to "share the database" with other people.  Is
> there a limit to the size of data you can save in the image itself?

Yes, this is.  I'm pretty sure there is no limit, as this is a new
standard created by Adobe, and I doubt they would have limited it.

> What happens if f-spot "imports" a photo that has a tag in it already?
> Will it show the available tag to you if you have not already created it
> in your local f-spot installation already?

I don't believe F-Spot will automatically create and associate in the
database the photo and its embedded tags, unfortunately.  It should do

> Is there anything else in the database that I would likely want to share
> other than just tags?

If you've created multiple versions of a file and them import them into
a new F-Spot database, it will treat them as separate photos.

The other problem with using this as a way to not need multiple
databases is that if you change/move/delete a photo in one database, the
only way to currently get those changes into a different db is to delete
them from that one's catalog and reimport them (which loses the
versioning information and is clunky).

I think that is an interesting way to solve the shared databases problem
though.  We just have to solve these other problems first.


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