rotated photos aren't saved

I noticed that for pics where redeye reduction is done, a copy of the
file is made and named filename (modified).jpg. The original is
removed from the catalog and the modified one is put in its place. 
This is a great solution. I really like this.  It appears to be
accomplished by this clip from the ProcessImage function which handles
cropping and redeye.

		try {
			bool create_version = photo.DefaultVersionId == Photo.OriginalVersionId;
			photo.SaveVersion (edited, create_version);
			query.Commit (Item.Index);
			query.MarkChanged (Item.Index);
		} catch  blah blah balh

However, when I rotate an image, the image is rotated and stays that
way in the f-spot database even when I close and reopen, so I assume
this is put into the database somewhere, but the picture itself is not
modified.  This has the unfortunate side effect of exporting
non-rotated pictures to flcikr.  Usually rotating a picture is done
because you want a shot taken with a sideways camera to appear top up
and should be permanant.

Would there be any problem with having the same modified behavior
rotated pictues as Processed ones?  Thanks.


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