My f-spot wishlist


I just wrote down some ideas I would like to see in a photo manager. It
is a simpel list and not a use case novel. If you don't understand some
think feel free to ask.

- from directories on harddisk
- from CF-Cards mounted as harddisk
- from digiKam (KDE Programm

- via e-mail (Evolution)
- copy to a FTP-Server and send mail to friends with the URL
- via Gallery and send mail to friends with the URL
- Apple iPhoto (local LAN)
- send the photos to a print service
- burn to CD-R or make a DVD

- integration of the Evoluton address book (people)
- Audio comments
- AVIs from the Digikam
- Map-Stuff (look at the mockup [1] )

Find Images
- Map-Stuff (e.g. 50km around London)
- imgSeek style ("just paint the image you are searching" or images like
this one)

- Edit in Gimp

- background music with Rythembox play-list


Tobias Jakobs <tobias jakobs web de>

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