Re: New root category creation advice

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 21:33 -0500, Mike Sassak wrote:
> I recently downloaded the f-spot source from cvs and really like what I
> see so far. One problem I ran into pretty early though is that there is
> no way to create a new root category along the lines of the default
> "People", "Places" etc. So I began looking at the code, and have changed
> TagCommands.cs somewhat to allow the user to select a "Root" category in
> the "Create New Category" dialog box. The other categories are then
> indented two spaces for each level as usual. The only problem I have
> with this, is that I don't really like the dropdown like that; it seems
> too complex, and clashes with the lack of a visible "Root" tag in the
> left-hand pane. So am I just being neurotic, or would a "New Category in
> Root" checkbox (or something to that effect) be more appropriate? 

Why don't we just figure out the obvious ones that people might want and
leave it at that, rather than complicating things?

At any rate it might be nice the original ones can't be deleted. e.g.
you could tie special linking into the addressbook if you knew People
and Places always existed, etc.

Just quick random thoughts; but I think you need to say why we need new
root categories?

-- Edd

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