New root category creation advice


I recently downloaded the f-spot source from cvs and really like what I
see so far. One problem I ran into pretty early though is that there is
no way to create a new root category along the lines of the default
"People", "Places" etc. So I began looking at the code, and have changed
TagCommands.cs somewhat to allow the user to select a "Root" category in
the "Create New Category" dialog box. The other categories are then
indented two spaces for each level as usual. The only problem I have
with this, is that I don't really like the dropdown like that; it seems
too complex, and clashes with the lack of a visible "Root" tag in the
left-hand pane. So am I just being neurotic, or would a "New Category in
Root" checkbox (or something to that effect) be more appropriate? 

Mike Sassak

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