Re: [evolution-patches] #55299: Can't change several attachment property in Mail

by the way, the menu is created from GnomeUIInfo,
I think maybe there is no easy way to get the name or label of the menu item,
it is also hard to judge which menu item is the "properity" item. then how to keep a reference to it?

maybe all above is because of my ignorance.

在2004年03月12日的11:19,Not Zed写道:
> - (GtkWidget *)(menu_item->data)
> to be more consistant with the rest of the mailer code, just use:
> (GtkWidget *) menu_item->data

With or without the gratutous non-k&r waste of space :)

> - doing menu_item->data is just gross and is very likely to break if
> we ever decide to add a new menu item or change the order of the menu
> items later (which is possible). A better solution would involve
> either naming the menu items or having a table somewhere that defined
> the order of the menu items and using that table to get the proper
> one.

Or the esiest, it should just keep a reference to the item widget in its
private area.

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