Re: [evolution-patches] Solution to support localized welcome-letter.

> > > I'm saying that when you have to create the local tree from scratch (ie
> > > you aren't migrating and its a first run), you should append a mail like
> > > the old welcome email.  If that resides in evolution/mail it can simply
> > > be marked for translation in po/ like anything else.
> > 
> > Do help files go into
> I don't think so, I believe they are translated separately.

Ahah!  Well thats what i think should be done here.  The message is a
lot bigger then the 1-2 line texts which mostly go into the message
catalogues.  Its also in html and text, and includes pictures.  Seems it
would be easier to just store it in separate message files (or even
folders) - which is what i was getting at.

Right ?

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