Re: [evolution-patches] Please review my patch for bug #48145

Hi Charles,

> +		gint returnvalue;
> +		gchar *confirmations;

(We never use g* types for native C types in Evolution, although this is
not that important.)

> +		gtk_dialog_add_button (confirm_dialog, (gchar *)("Cancel"), GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL);
> +		gtk_dialog_add_button (confirm_dialog, (gchar *)("Quit Assistant"), GTK_RESPONSE_OK);

What are these casts for?  The strings should also be marked for

> +		returnvalue = gtk_dialog_run ((GtkDialog *) confirm_dialog);

The shell code uses GTK+ casts, i.e. GTK_DIALOG().  (Yes, I know the
mailer doesn't, but that's just a NotZedism.)

The rest looks fine, I think.

-- Ettore

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