Re: [Evolution] failure to input a message


I had the same problem (no message body to edit), switched the input
method to Markdown - Plain text as a workaround.



On sze, ápr 27 2022, Yoshihiro Hamaya via evolution-list wrote:

I've just upgraded Ubuntu from 21.10 to 22.04LTS by using "apt update"
and "do-release-upgrade" commands.  I've been using Evolution without
any problems before the OS upgrade.  Then, after the OS upgrade, it
suddenly became impossible to generate (input) a message with
Evolution.  The current version of my Evolution is 3.44.0-1.  I can
retrieve and read the new and old messages, and I can read the
messages those have been sent already, but I cannot make a new
message.  When I try to make a new message (or a replying message), a
new window pops out, and everything looks fine until I try to input
letters.  Please advise me how to solve this problem.
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