Re: [Evolution] IMAP - exact search

On Wed, 2022-04-06 at 11:29 +0200, Herr Oswald via evolution-list
I tried an "extended search" in an IMAP folder and choose "subject IS
Anfrage Rollentausch"

that works properly for me, though I'm on the current development
version, which is quite the same as the current stable version 3.44.0.
Your 3.36.5 is ancient. When I enter:

   [ Subject ]  [ is ] [ Changing color ]

in this mailing list folder, then it doesn't pick any message, but when
I change it to:

   [ Subject ]  [ contains ] [ Changing color ]

then it finds two messages.

The text to search for is split into separate words first. You can
enclose multiple words into double quotes, to let them behave like a
single word. An example:

   [ Subject ]  [ contains ] [ "Changing color" ]

doesn't find anything, but

   [ Subject ]  [ contains ] [ "exact search" ]

does find this thread.


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