Re: [Evolution] export message to mbox and then process with script

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Subject: [Evolution] export message to mbox and then process with
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 18:44:52 +0000

I often want to save a message as a simple txt file. Currently, I
export a message I want to save to a .mbox file and then run a script
on it to extract the text.  The script uses the From, Date, and Subject
information to automatically generate a meaningful file name. I'm 
wondering how I can automate this.

Hi Mike
Be warned, the rabbit hole you are about to dive down is DEEP.

Linux has some pretty powerful tools for manipulating raw text data
from a shell, so what you are really asking about is "how do I
manipulate text files using the shell and pipes".  It isn't really an
evolution-specific question.

This isn't the right forum for Linux shell questions, but I'll give you
a hint to try searching duckduckgo for topics like "parsing text files
from bash scripts".

Here's two web pages that gives you a high-level picture of the text
manipulation possible in Linux:

Also read up on "pipes" and "regex" (aka "regular expressions").  

Good luck!

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