Re: [Evolution] Crash on click on RSS feed

On Thu, 2021-10-07 at 13:17 +0200, Lucas Eichhorn via evolution-list
Any ideas?

it's really hard to tell. To know what happened you might provide a
clue, or some clues. Ideally install debuginfo packages for the
evolution, evolution-data-server and evolution-rss, then run evolution
from a terminal like this:

   $ gdb evolution --ex r --ex "bt" --ex "t a a bt" --ex q

and then reproduce the crash. The window will not close, it'll stop
responding when the gdb prompt appears. You should copy several lines
above the place where the gdb showed the prompt (it can show the reason
of the crash), then everything below it. The command prints the
backtrace of the crash, then backtrace for all threads, then it quits
(should be confirmed by you). That will help to identify the place of
the crash.

Please check the backtraces for any private information, like
passwords, email addresses, server addresses,... I usually search for
"pass" at least (quotes for clarity only), before you share it in


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