[Evolution] Evolution w EWS not respecting "From" when sending eMails


I am using Evolution with our corporate Exchange Server and the EWS
plugin. My primary mail address there is primary kit edu, and alias is
set up which is alias kit edu (changed to make it easier in the

In Evolution, I am only using my alias (Preferences -> Mail Accounts ->
Identity: "Email Address: alias kit edu", "Reply-To: alias kit edu").
When I compose a new mail, the drop-down next to "From: " has only one
option which is my alias (alias kit edu).

However, and this is where I think things go wrong, when I send an
email, the sender shows up as "primary kit edu". I confirmed this by
checking the sender using the Outlook web client as well as
Thunderbird, both see "primary kit edu" as sender.

In addition, I tried to send a mail using SMTP and Thunderbird with my
alias setup as sender and it works correctly and "alias kit edu" shows
up as sender.

Is this a bug, a configuration issue, or am I doing it all wrong?


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