Re: [Evolution] Delete calender event

On Sun, 2021-11-28 at 20:43 +0100, Michael Hooker via evolution-list
Can you advise how this appointment can be deleted.

do you have checked "Listen for server change notifications" in the
Receiving Options of the Mail account Properties, please? Either it's
not checked or it does not work for you (it does work for the office365

When it's off or not working, then the evolution-ews doesn't know about
the changes until the next refresh of the addressbook/calendar/mail/...
You can initiate the refresh when you right-click the calendar in the
Calendar view and pick "Refresh" from there. The local cache should get
into sync with the server in few seconds (when the refresh is done,
which can take shorter or longer, depending on the server changes to be

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