Re: [Evolution] contacts - People API vs. Contacts API

On Wed, 2021-11-24 at 15:30 +0100, David Charlton wrote:
a) Is there a move to support People API for evolution anywhere? And
if not will evolution stop accessing google contacts anytime soon?

b) Given what I am doing is there a better, longer term supported
solution?  (Though this is probably better in another post!)

I'm sorry, I'm confused. You reply to a message, which answers both  
of your questions. It usually happens the other way, question is asked,
answer is given.

Is my response hard to decipher? I know I use to have hard times to
express myself. Are the steps how to make it work even on distributions
which do not ship an Evolution version, which has that done
transparently, hard to follow?

Okay, there's a typo (I do a lot of typos, all day long):

You an setup...

which was supposed to be

    You can setup...

but, I hope, it could be realized easily after following the text.

I'm willing to elaborate, reword the steps, if needed, just let me
        Thanks and bye,

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