Re: [Evolution] contacts - People API vs. Contacts API

On Wed, 2021-11-24 at 08:20 +0100, Torsten Krah via evolution-list
since which version of evolution the People API is used for accessing
the contacts of Google contacts?

evolution(-data-server) used libgdata to access Google Contacts. The
libgdata does not support the People API, thus the Google contacts are
shown using the CardDAV interface the Google offers. That's built-in
sync 3.42.0 of the evolution-data-server. Unfortunately, the CardDAV
API is not that feature rich as the Contacts API.

You an setup a CardDAV book accessing: gmail com/lists/default/

The only tricky thing is to create such book, then find its
corresponding file under ~/.config/evolution/sources/ (for example by
searching the files for "carddav/v1/principals" (quotes for clarity
only) and change the [Authentication] Method=... to Method=Google

Then right-click the new book and pick Refresh. If that won't show the
contacts, then use `evolution --force-shutdown` and start the Evolution

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