Re: [Evolution] Mail accounts order in Preferences has no effect

On Fri, 2021-11-12 at 10:23 -0800, Andrey Sotnikov via evolution-list
I set up accounts order in Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts. Yet, when
I create an email, "From" field contains the alphabetically first
account. Similarly, if I accept a meeting invitation, Evolution adds
the alphabetically first account, ignoring the order set up in the
Preferences. I tried resetting the order and rearrange the accounts
again. I tried to restart the evolution server, nothing works. What am
I doing wrong?

For mail accounts, the default "From" is based on which account you
have selected at the time at which you click compose.  For example, if
my active pane is Inbox on account1, and I click Compose, it will set
the From to whatever sending account is tied to account1.  There may be
another way or a better way to accomplish this, but this is what works
for me.

For calendars, you can go to Edit a given calendar and check the box
for "Mark as default calendar" to change this behavior.

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