Re: [Evolution] Message Filter not working.

On Tue, 2021-11-02 at 16:56 -0600, larry wrote:
On Tue, 2021-11-02 at 22:57 +0100, Andre Klapper via evolution-list
See "Help 🡒 Contents 🡒 Common Mail Questions and Problems 🡒 Mail
filters are not working". Also check if it works if this is the
first filter on top of all other filters.

OK, apparently it was because of the 'new' flag not being set.
However, this is extremely confusing, as the emails in question had
'new' flag set when they arrived in Inbox, yet were not moved.

As well, I could have sworn that when I was testing filters, all I
needed to do was to move an email from the target folder, back to
Inbox, select it either individually or as part of a multiple
selection, click on Apply Filters, and it would move.


It looks like going into my account and doing what Andre said is
working for me!

Except I checked the first box ( run rules on ALL FOLDERS) because I do
not have any folders set up on the server.

Ps.... I forgot to tell Andre that yes, this is an IMAP account.


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