Re: [Evolution] Mail merge

On Sat, 2021-10-30 at 14:19 +0100, Keith Barber wrote:
Is it possible to use Evolution to mailmerge to multiple recipients
using information from a database?  If so, would someone point me to
somewhere I might read how to do it?

there is no such thing builtin. You can use scripts to fill the Outbox [*],
but it's far from an automated way.

The closest are probably Templates, but it's used with individual
messages, not with a database of the recipients.

[*] I would enable sending through Outbox in Edit->Preferences->Mail
    Preferences, then create a stub email in Evolution and "send" it
    with the appropriate account and content; then go to the On This
    Computer/Outbox and save the message as .mbox somewhere and delete
    the message in the Outbox. Disable send through Ootbox (not needed
    anymore). Then have the script modify the saved message and save
    it with a unique name into
    and when you go to the Outbox folder in the Evolution (and then away
    from it), then the messages from the 'new' directory will be noticed
    and shown in the Evolution.
    Why to save from the Outbox? The message will contain the information
    about what send account should be used. If not there, the default
    account would be used.

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