Re: [Evolution] evolution :: contacts :: personal information :: no Birthday data from ews account

Sorry to be not precise enough. So I try to explain it step by step:
1. I look with Outlook: The Birthday date is set.
2. I look with evolution: The Birthday field shows string "None/Keine".
3. I enter a date with evolution and send the data.
4. I loook with Outlook: The new (entered) date can be seen.
5. I look with evolution: The Birthday field shows "None".
Normaly definition is "LANG=de_DE.UTF-8". Than I enter e.g. 16.06.2000.
If I switch to "export LANG=en_EN-UTF-8", I enter "06/16/2000". Both
methods show the same behavior like described in the steps 1..5.
The date value of field "Jahrestag/Anniversary" is always shown correct
like in Outlook (depending on language selection).

If I enter a new contact with evolution, the contact is shown right in
evolution and Outlook.
If I enter a new contact with Outlook, the contact ist shown right in
evolution and Outlook.I extract an "old" contact and a new created as vCard from evolution
and compared the .vcf files. The old contact does not have a "BDAY:"
entry like the new one (seems to be reason for the "None" text).
I extract an "old" and "new" contract using Outlook and compared both
.vcf files with the following results:
Both Outlook vcf files have a "BDAY;VALUE=DATE:" showing the correct
The Outlook contact export offers 2 topics, you have to select the 2nd
one (Kontakt weiterleiten -> Als Outlook-Kontakt, NOT as "Als
Visitenkarte" (sorry I don't know the english menue text)). The first
menue item produces NO "BDAY" entry for the old and the new contact.
FYI: The anniversary entry changed name from "X-MS-

How can this problem be solved? Do I have to export the >1000 contacts
in Outlook and re-import it in evolution as a new contact folder or is
there a switch telling evolution to use the right exchange data?

Rgds, Matthias

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On Wed, 2021-06-16 at 11:25 +0200, Matthias Kuntze wrote:
I use the versions "evolution 3.40.0-1" and "evolution 3.36.5-
Both do not show the Birthday information of persons in a contacts
folder of an ews account.

as far as I can tell, the evolution-ews does support both Birthday and
Anniversary fields.

When I look to this field with Outlook, the modification should be
stored in exchange as it is shown as entered with evolution.

I'm not sure what you mean with "should be". Is it stored for you or

I tried it here, with an Exchange2019 server, and the Birthday is
properly stored on the server, even the changes I make in Evolution are
properly reflected in the OWA (Outlook Web Access) interface. The
Microsoft documentation says the Birthday is supported since Exchange
2007 in the EWS, thus pretty much for any Exchange server.

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