Re: [Evolution] Generating message list (cancelling) won't cancel. Evolution locked up

On Sun, 2021-06-13 at 19:14 -0400, Dr. John H. Lauterbch wrote:
I am writing this from one of my backup PC's as evolution 3.40.0-1 on
my main PC is frozen as it is trying to scan a problem IMAPX server,
and even if i reboot PC and start eveolution, it starts locked on
Scanning folders in IMAP server and Generating message list
(cancelling) .

What do I need to do to get out of this problem.  I need to delete
problem email account, but as soon as evolution starts, it locaks up as
noted above.

You can start Evolution from the command line with the '--offline'
flag. It won't then scan the remote folders and you will be able to
disable/delete the bad mail account.


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