[Evolution] Email Folder number of emails? -as text (sorry html last ms+Update

+(in addition to msg sent below):
***3) it would be great to be able to
see folder total no of msgs inc. all sub-fldrs (again as pos in

= = =As sent earlier:
Sorry for sending earlier as html = before I read your welcome msg:
Evolution 3.36.1-2  (on Lubuntu 20.04)

I can see number of emails in a folder when I click on the folder in

***1) but is it possible to see all counts together for every folder
without having to click on each folder
like can do in Thunderbird as attached.

***2) Is there or could somebody produce, a plugin to do this?
- I cannot see any.

(:-)Thx hopefully from 3rdRockGuy

Attachment: TBirdFldrCounts.png
Description: PNG image

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