Re: [Evolution] Error Message with Sent Mail on Evolution

On Fri, 2021-12-17 at 01:06 +0100, Nathan Parker via evolution-list
[imapx:A] I/O: 'A00021 APPEND Sent (\SEEN) "17-Dec-2021 00:00:23
+0000" {954}'
[imapx:A] I/O: ''
[imapx:B] I/O: 'B00022 SELECT INBOX'

did you remove/redacted any of the above lines, please? After the
APPEND, a stream of 954 bytes was supposed to be written to the server.

I guess from that the server did not respond in an expected way.
Looking at the RFC3501, the APPEND example [1] shows a "+" server
response being expected, to confirm it's ready to receive the data.

It would be interesting to know whether other folders behave the same.
When you search the log there are CAPABILITY/CAPABILITIES requests and
responses, where the server sometimes advertises information about
itself, like what it is and its version.


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