[Evolution] Copies of messages not deleted on the server and multiple copies of the same downloaded

Hello everyone!

It happened that the computer crashed while it was sending and receiving emails. When switched on, this problem began to appear: new emails arrived on the server are not deleted and therefore duplicate every time the program downloads new mail.
The mail client has several pop3 accounts. Only two of these accounts are experiencing this problem. We thought it was a problem of folders messages indexing and, therefore, we created new folders and moved all received messages from the old incoming mail folder to the new ones. We thought that by completely cleaning up the old boxes indexing would start working fine again, but it didn't happen. The problem was repeated.
Of course we have already checked that in Tools > Settings > Account > Edit  > Receiving Options > Message storage > was Untick "Leave messages on server".
We have Evolution 3.40.0.
Thank you very much for any help you can give us!


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