Re: [Evolution] Evolution Caldav SSO Access via GSSAPI/Kerberos - again

Dear Milan, 

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 09:04:22AM +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Mon, 2021-08-16 at 19:07 +0200, Torsten Finke via evolution-list
Dear List, dear Milan

your message didn't get sorted under the right thread for some reason.
Maybe a bug in Mutt or the way you replied to the original message, I
do not know. In Evolution, Ctrl+L replies to the list, which works fine
for me here.

I have not been subscribed to the list when I sent my original issue. 

I have now built version 3.41.2 from source.

What did you build? The evolution-data-server or also the evolution?
They are connected in the build time and after some changes also in the
run time. Meaning you may not always make this work when compiling only
one part. More about custom building can be found here:

sorry for being inprecise. I have followed the complete procedure
described in that link. So I have built evolution as well as

The .source file is modified like this:


Looks good.

so for me. 

Evolution keeps asking for a normal account/password, even after
restart of the complete evolution eco system.

Weird. The `evolution --force-shutdown` is important, because the
changes in the code touch the background processes.

I have done this and double checked for any evolution (or
evolution-data-server instances). There were none. Definitively. 
After launching a new evolution session it asks immediately for credentials,
although I had prepared a kerberos ticket (kinit, checked by klist).

Because GSSAPI works for e-mail, may I ask, how authentication differs
between e-mail and calender access? 

Is there any debugging one can do?

You can try things from here:

Just pick the section relevant to you.

I have read this as well but did not understand how to make evolution
debug the interpretation of the calendar sources, and - more important
- how to debug authentication. Is that been done in evolution or the
backend (evolution-calendar-factory)? I tried some variable settings
but could not find anything useful in the logs. 

Unfortunately version 3.41.2 seems not to be backward compatible to my
production version 3.34.4. It has scrumbled my e-mail configuration

Also I could not manage to keep the eco systems of the installed and
the newly built systems apart. There are some cross effects concerning
libs, schemas and systemd. So now I will set up a virtual machine for

Any advice is highly appretiated.

Thanks and best regards


Torsten Finke
torsten finke igh de

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